WordPress Websites for Churches

WordPress is an excellent platform for a church website.

Real world examples are useful, and the Brewster Baptist Church website is a good one.

The first version of the site, built many, many moons ago by a talented high school student, was pretty good at the time. But, as the size of the congregation increased and as use of the internet expanded, the original site became outdated.

The next iteration was a significant upgrade, using newer standards and methods. It was good for more than a few years, but the congregation continued to grow, creating an increased need for the website to be more of a communication tool/portal.

The third version was built on the WordPress platform, bringing several significant advantages and improvements. using a professional theme created by the talented designers and developers at iThemes.

The fourth version combines WordPress with the Beaver Builder page builder.

3 Huge Advantages with WordPress

1. Professional website design for pennies on the dollar.

It used to cost thousands of dollars to get a design for a good-looking website. Organizations using WordPress can choose from thousands of ready-to-use designs (called “themes”) available either free or for a small fee ($55 – $125).

2. Professional, highly capable, database-driven technology.

To get more than a static, brochure-type website, you used to have to hire professional services to build the foundation. WordPress is that professional foundation, and it’s available free. Yes, free, no catch. It’s been refined over the years by dedicated individuals and companies in the open source community.

3. Ease of use.

Older website platforms required specialized knowledge to create and update. WordPress is used by millions of average, everyday folk all over the world. Want to add an event coming up next week? It’s easy… log in, click a couple of buttons, enter and format your text, and publish it.

Is WordPress for you?

If you’d like to talk with someone about your website makeover, or if you don’t have a site, please feel free to call 508-896-6803 or email right now – no obligation, no pressure.

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