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I have only the highest praise for the work that Mike has done. He has been extremely efficient and reliable making the changes we have requested since taking over in our “hour of need”! Every dollar is important to us, so his quick and accurate execution has kept our costs as low as possible!

David T.

Very clear communicator and we set clear objectives and steps along the way and he came thru on everything he said.
Good at hand-holding me thru the start-up process as well.

H. H.

I would like to offer the most praise to Michael Kemp and Kemp Resources for the website that you designed for me and my business.  My website looks beautiful and is user friendly, while it highlights the most important aspects of my company. 

Seana C.

Most recently I needed him to update it with a new theme to be more mobile friendly, and he did an excellent job in a very short time. It is always a pleasure working with Michael. He has the expertise to solve any problem and his fees are fair and reasonable.

Susan C.


Your website is the online storefront for your business. Does it look clean and attractive? Will it draw people in, with a promise that they will find what they want, quickly? Or does it look old, and not cared-for? Can you read it on a smartphone?

Do you wish you had a better understanding of how to use the web? We can help with that.

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Feel like your website, or your overall web presence, isn't bringing in enough new leads. We can help with that.

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Wish your website looked a little better? Does it look crappy on phones & other small devices? Does it fail to showcase your business? We can help with that.

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Not sure what you should be doing to promote your business? Want to understand more about social media, and how to show up higher in Google? We can help with that.

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Out of contact with your previous developer? Don't know how to edit or change your site? We can help with that.

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More than half of all web searches are done on mobile devices

And even more, if you're in a tourist area!

A long time ago the Yellow Pages book ruled. No more. Now, searches are done any time, anywhere, on a 4 or 5 inch screen. And your website HAS TO be easily readable, or you will lose to the next site that is "mobile friendly."

How do we work? What do we do?

We are dedicated to helping small business owners succeed.
Make your life easier, make your business more visible on the web.


We spend the time needed to learn about your business, including your primary and secondary markets, and the language those markets will understand. Your short, medium and long term goals.


The look and feel of your site is crafted to fit the markets, your goals, and to some extent, your competition. We'll produce an initial build and sit down to review it with you, explaining all our choices. Then, you get to decide.


Most of our customers love our platform (WordPress) because it's easy for them to update key bits of content (like price changes). Our training is individualized for each person. After your site is complete, we offer full support, too.

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