Writing Blog Articles in 15 Minutes a Day!

happy writing blog articles

Don’t have the time for writing blog articles? You can, if you use this strategy, relying on small chunks of clearly defined time. Turning one giant writing task into a series of small ones is a great approach for busy people. This process works for me, and you can try it as is, and then…

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8 Smart Tips for Choosing a Successful Domain Name

Sometimes selecting a domain name is merely checking to see if the name of your business is available to register. Simple as that. But there are many additional things to consider when registering a domain, the address for your online presence. When you think in terms of click-through rates, referral links, marketability, offline advertising, social…

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Is it Important to Update My WordPress Website?

Keeping your WordPress website up-to-date is like locking the door to your home. You always make sure your home is as secure as you can make it – you want to do the same for your website. Increase the security of your Cape Cod business website by keeping all the relevant pieces of software updated.…

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4 Reasons Facebook Ads Can Work for Your Cape Cod Business

This image illustrates the ability to target a geographic area

Is Facebook good for advertising my Cape Cod business? A few years ago, I said the answer was no, “Facebook is not about advertising,” but now? Yes, it is, particularly now that so many people are using a mobile device to do searches while they are traveling. If you don’t have a business Facebook page, starting…

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