Vulnerabilities email from A2

A list of potential WordPress vulnerabilities

You have A2, a good hosting company, one that actively tries to keep malware off of it’s servers, and you got a warning email stating “vulnerabilities detected” on your site. That email is a “heads up,” similar in some ways to the warning lights you get in your car. You’re wondering: 1. Are these “vulnerabilities”…

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Search Engines and Small Business

Even the smallest business can have a website that shows up well in search engine results. This article is for the owners of the smallest businesses, a “shorter than Cliff Notes” brief explanation of just a couple of the basics behind SEO and search engine ranking for small businesses. We’ll cover more topics in future…

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Old Style Website Converted to WordPress

Like an older model car, sometimes websites have to be “traded in” for a newer model, especially if you don’t have a physical store and that website is your primary face to the world. People have gotten more sophisticated with their use of the web, and their expectations are higher. If your site was built…

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How To Ease Into Regular Use Of Your Business Facebook Page

You’re too busy running your Cape Cod business to waste time anywhere, right? And when you look at “typical” Facebook posts, a lot of it seems silly, and unrelated to your business. On the other hand, you know marketing is important, and you know the competition uses social media like Facebook to their advantage (your…

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Socializing Your Website

If you have a use or desire to have forums (sometimes known as “bulletin boards”) on your site, there’s good news today. The latest version of the highly regarded BuddyPress forum software has just been released. Forums are a terrific way to build community. Encourage questions and discussions, provide expert answers, get known for your…

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