5 Website Updates You Need to Make Before the Cape Cod Season Really Hits

Cape Cod seasonal home in need of repair
Your website is the first impression people get of your business. Inaccurate information can make for unhappy customers. Make sure these 5 critical items are right!

The Cape Cod tourist season is here! Is your website ready?

It’s been a long time since COVID started, and now we’re all busy preparing for the influx of customers. If you haven’t updated your website in a while, it’s time to make sure everything’s in good shape.

Giving your website an update is an essential move for your business! Make sure your content is current and reflects everything you offer.

If your website isn’t ready to go by the time the season arrives, you could lose a lot of business.

5 Critical Things to Get Right on Your Cape Cod Business Website This Year

(Plus a bonus item at the end.)

1 - Are your products and services up-to-date?

If you have dropped some items from what you offer, be sure you remove them from your website. If you’ve added or changed some things, be sure that you add them, too.

Avoid the dreaded angry customer saying, "That's NOT what it says on your website!!"

We get it. You’d love to have all of this done, and to have all of your website content be brilliant, but you don’t have the time, right?


We’re good at it, reliable, and fast.

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2 - Is your pricing accurate?

After making sure you have your business offerings listed correctly, check your prices.
If you’ve raised them, or lowered them, be sure to update these too. If expired promotions are still showing, remove them (or be sure that the availability dates are obvious).

3 - What about your hours of operation?

Because of labor shortages caused by COVID, fewer employees are available. Your potential customers are likely to know this, and will want to know if you’re open for normal hours, or not.

So, if your hours have changed for any reason — because of COVID or something else — be sure to update that info so people know when they can count on you being open.

4 - Is all your contact information accurate?

Another basic and seemingly obvious thing to check, right?

Do you have a contact form on your website? Be sure to test it yourself! Use a personal email address to make sure the process works. Take a minute to see what your customers will see. Does it make sense? When they submit the form, do they get a nice confirmation? Does your business get an automatic notification of their message to you?

How about your business phone number? Is it correct, and easy to find? If someone is viewing your website on their smartphone, can they just click your phone number to open it in their phone app, like this one? Call us now to learn more: 774-323-7194

Lately we hear, “Should my website have a chatbot?” A chatbot is like instant messaging done right on your website, but is it a good idea for YOU? If – and only if – you have the time and ability to respond. If you don’t have someone watching for those messages, you’ll probably just tick people off.

5 - Is your location accurate?

This probably seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many businesses forget to update their location.

If you’ve moved, be sure to make changes to your address. Be sure to include special directions, if necessary… make it easy for people to find you!

You have a link to your location in Google Maps, right? Check that the location is still correct on Google, even if you haven’t moved.

TIP: If you don’t have a great picture of the outside of your business, ADD ONE! Seriously, You know how little time drivers have to scan the area… show them what to look for.

Updating your website has never been easier!

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Bonus idea! Pictures and video

Are the pictures you’re showing current and accurate? Can you swap out some older pictures with more impressive new ones?

How about a couple of new before/after shots?

Do you have a new look, outside or inside, that will help attract people?

Did you redo your signage? Add a photo of the new sign.

Video has become very popular!

Have you thought about adding video? Inc. Magazine says, “If you are looking for effective ways to improve your Google rank, consider adding video content to your strategy.”

If you are looking for effective ways to improve your Google rank, consider adding video content to your strategy.

And: Remember your Google My Business page!

Your website isn’t the only place online where people will find your information.

Lots of times they may rely on what they see displayed in your Google My Business (GMB) profile, so make sure all of that is up-to-date, too!

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