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behind the scenes at Kemp Resources

We Are...

WordPress specialists.

Dedicated to the belief that the internet is a powerful tool for the small, and that small businesses can enjoy all the same advantages of big business.

That is: You can have a great website without spending lots of money.

Digital Lovers

Kemp Resources is owned by Michael Kemp, who has been working on software, and websites, with small businesses since 1995.

Having spent his entire career in small business, Mike understands the pressures, advantages, disadvantages, and extraordinary responsibilities that go with it.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Each website is a unique project. We take it in steps, ensuring that your interests, desires and goals are clearly defined.

We Keep It Simple

The tech world is full of odd terms, and some mysterious processes, but we don’t bury you in them. We speak plain English.

We Keep You In The Loop

First we work hard to find out what you want. Then we get your feedback along the way so you can be confident of the outcome.

We Give You Control

We’ll provide all the services you want, butin the end it’s YOUR site. We’ll train you so you can do things without us, if you want.

Your Goals. Our Mission.

We Believe In Building Your Business

Before building hundreds of small business websites, Michael was a certified project manager (PMP), managing more than 100 successful website projects and software implementations across the U.S.

He’s managed software development projects with U.S. and offshore teams, from very small websites to web applications costing over a million dollars.

Do you want to grow your business?

we can do it together