How to Create a WordPress Post

The basics for creating a post in WordPress.

After you’ve signed in to the Dashboard, the steps for creating or editing* a post are fairly straightforward. Under the little Dashboard logo, you’ll see a section that includes Posts, Media, Links, Pages, and Comments.

[NOTE: This article is a little dated. As WordPress improves, the interface and processes change… so while this article is generally relevant, if you’re running the latest version of WordPress (and you should) you’ll see differences.]

1. Click on Posts, Add New

2. Type in the title for your post

3. Below the title is an area to enter the content for your post. If the toolbar menu for this area only has one row of buttons, click on the far right button to display the second row.

Extended WSIWYG editor

4. Enter the text of your post, and apply styling using the controls in the toolbar. Select the text, click the appropriate button. For example, to make a word bold, select the word, and then click on the B button. To apply a heading style, select the text, and then pick a heading from the dropdown (next to the Paragraph button).

WordPress paste from Word buttonNOTE: If you want to paste your content in from Word, be sure to use the Paste from Word feature. There’s a little button with an image of a W on top of a clipboard. There is a similar feature / button to copy / paste from a text editor.

5. Want to see how it’s looking? In the Publish section, click on Preview (the preview opens in a new tab). Want to go away for awhile, but you’re not done and you don’t want to make it public, or lose your work? Click Save Draft.

6. Fill in the various SEO boxes

And when you’re doneā€¦

7. Click Publish!

* Editing your published post is simple, too.

When you click on the Posts section, you’ll see a list of all your posts. Just move the mouse over the name of the post you want to edit, and then click on edit in the menu that appears.

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