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If you would like to save some cash by building your own web site, you might follow the example of two companies.

If you would like to save some cash by building your own web site, you might follow the example of two companies we worked with recently.

Each took advantage of our Basic Build offer, one to create their first-ever web presence, one to remake their existing site. Take a look at these two examples. If this approach appeals to you, read on…

Example #1: Camp Judson

On Lake Erie in North Springfield, PA, Camp Judson hosts Christian summer camps, conferences, retreats and other programs.

Kevin Saxton, Managing Director of the camp, wrote this:

“Your Business Software helped us set up a new and vastly improved website in a short amount of time. Throughout the process of designing and launching the new site, I found them to be very knowledgeable, thorough, fast, and easy to work with.

They saved us lots of time and headaches, and we now take pride in referring people to our website!”

Example #2: Changing Men, Changing Lives

Duluth, MN is home to this organization offering resources for tackling the difficult problem of domestic violence.

After working with us, Barb Jones wrote:

“If you’re looking for a website developer that can hear what you need and put it together in a professional, smart and cost saving way, talk with Mike Kemp at

From start to finish Mike has delivered results that we wanted, while coaching and educating us on our site’s maintenance–and always in a positive manner! Thank you Mike!”

What does it take to build your own WordPress website?

It used to be that only developers could build websites, but that isn’t true any more.

In our experience, here are five “things” you need, to be able to build your own:

  1. A certain level of “comfort” with a program like Microsoft Word, or similar
  2. Pick out a WordPress “theme” for your design (free, or paid)
  3. The technical platform, or foundation (part of our Basic Build plan)
  4. Patience, time, and a willingness to learn
  5. A good coach / trainer (also in our Basic Build plan)

You can build your own WordPress website

WordPress first became famous years ago as an easy-to-use blogging platform, and then evolved into a full-fledged, sophisticated solution for small and large scale websites.

If you or someone on your staff has the “soft skills,” the comfort with software and the time, you can investigate the next step, by looking at themes.

There are many good, free, WordPress themes, but be cautioned: there are also many free themes that contain hidden “gotchas,” and the developers of free themes may not be as inclined as the professionals to stay around to make critical changes to their themes.

Professional themes are not expensive, and you can easily find beautiful designs for under $150. ForĀ  example, the Camp Judson site is built on the professional “iCompany” Theme by iThemes, and Changing Men, Changing Lives is built on the “Church” Child Theme by StudioPress.

If you’d like to learn more, call now, 508-896-6803, or fill out our short form.

Fikret tozak

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