7 Tips for Facebook Success

Here are some tips to help you to success. First, always publish something that’s of interest to your market (not just to you).

You’re already too busy running your small business to take on another job, but knowing your competition is already using Facebook (and other social media) is a strong motivator. Granted, it will take a little time and disciple, but it won’t take much more than that. Here are some tips to help you to success.

Facebook Success Basics

Always publish something that’s of interest to your market (not just to you). It doesn’t have to be long. In fact, shorter is often better for your busy readers.

Get organized, #1 – make a list of topic categories for articles. For example:

  • Tips (based on your expertise) your readers would find useful in their business
  • Funny anecdotes from your business
  • Notes and information about charitable organizations you support (not about you, about them – just briefly mention your involvement with them)
  • Create a special promotion for your Facebook fans
  • Write an article on your website, then link to it, with a short blurb

Get organized, #2 – picking from your list of categories, make up a “posting calendar” as a guide for which type of content you’ll post on a particular day of the week. For example:

  • Monday: Post a picture of a cute kid brought in by a customer, or some interesting item at work, or anything else that would be interesting enough, or nice enough, or cute enough, for others to share
  • Tuesday: Promote the business belonging to a valued customer
  • Wednesday: Highlight a charity or benefit to which you contributed, or post a humorous item
  • Thursday: Promote one of your services
  • Friday: Special offer on one of your items, but just for Facebook fans…

Figure out what time during the day you’ll be most likely to actually do the posting, and then schedule the time. Create a reminder for yourself, and don’t let yourself get distracted.

Check for comments on your fan page twice each day, and respond to them.

After your first week, review how it’s gone. What can you do to improve on the process, or make it easier or even fun?

Promote your page! Tell people about it. Ask them to “Like” your page. I suggest you do this a little bit at a time, rather than hit all your friends, co-workers and associates all at once.

Keep at it: it will get easier. If you publish good content people will begin to read you regularly, and you’ll get good feedback. Plus, as you get used to it, ideas for articles will pop into your head with increasing frequency.

Here on Cape Cod, the Hot Chocolate Sparrow does a good job with their Facebook page.

And you can visit (and please Like) our Facebook page.


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