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Experts in software research help small business save money, avoid frustration of bad software.

When software works correctly it can save huge amounts of time and money, making things easier, helping to remove stress.

When it doesn’t work, the cost is not limited to dollars, the cost spreads to staff attitudes and health, and to customer service.

But you are probably too busy to have to spend large amounts of your time wrestling with software programs, or finding software to give you the results you want.

Unfortunately, you may also be too busy to do a thorough job before you buy software, so you feel like you’re trapped, as if the nightmare of software quicksand is inevitable.

But “bad software” isn’t inevitable.

There is an art and a science to finding great software

My experience is that anyone with the gumption (or need) to start and run a small business has too much to do, but nevertheless is strongly motivated to make smart choices. One of the key barriers to making those smart choices, and finding good business software, is the fact that there is a LOT to be taken into consideration, beginning even before you start looking for a solution.

It’s very much like a jigsaw puzzle, except you don’t know what it’s supposed to look like when it’s done, you don’t know how many pieces there are, and most importantly, you don’t know if you have all the edge pieces, so you can’t tell if you’re considering everything you should.

Use the free software evaluation resources on this site to educate yourself, or someone on your staff. Everything here is written to be a “quick read,” and you’ll learn about the pieces of the puzzle quickly. This knowledge will make you infinitely more prepared to search for, and find, software products that suit you, in your situation.

Software is an industry, but you do not have to become an expert in any or all of the subject areas (like “requirements,” for example).

Let us help. Save yourself time and aggravation, and have software that works for you.

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Brett Jordan

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