Google+ Coming Soon to Your Small Business Neighborhood

This old post predicted Google+ would be better than Facebook. Ha! That was wrong, and Google+ failed. But be sure to get a Google Business account.

You’ve heard about Facebook. Maybe you have a personal profile there, and even a page for your small business. Or maybe it hasn’t been enough of a priority. Now you’re hearing about something new, that sounds similar.

Facebook has been very successful, with more than 750 million active users (via Facebook – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). That kind of success attracts competition.

Logo for Google+

Here comes the behemoth Google with it’s own “social networking” product aimed squarely at the same markets, and more. “Google+” is in what’s called “limited release,” aka a limited public beta. “Limited” to Google is reportedly more than 10 million users (via Google+ Exposed: A Look at Who’s In, Who’s Out – International Business Times).

Will Google+ Matter to Your Small Business?

The short answer is, “yes.” Two years ago, Facebook wasn’t considered critical, but it is now arguably one of the best ways to generate local referral business. Google+ will do “social networking” better than Facebook, and in 12-18 months we’ll see significant business generated from business use.

Should You Abandon Facebook?

Nope. Facebook has too many dedicated users who will have no motivation to move to Google+. If you don’t have a Facebook business page, get one and use it correctly. Building a consistent process for Facebook use will serve you well when you add a Google+ account later.

Facebook AND Google+? Won’t That Be Too Much Work?

Handled correctly, Facebook takes very little time, and Google+ won’t be much different. And remember they don’t replace your website, because they present your business to different markets and in totally different ways.

Can’t I Just Ignore It?

Sure, but your competition won’t.

Paweł Czerwiński

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