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Is it Important to Update My WordPress Website?

A big, red, graphic indicating a potential website with malware

Keeping your WordPress website up-to-date is like locking the door to your home. You always make sure your home is as secure as you can make it – you want to do the same for your website. Increase the security of your Cape Cod business website by keeping all the relevant pieces of software updated.…

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4 Reasons Facebook Ads Can Work for Your Cape Cod Business

This image illustrates the ability to target a geographic area

Is Facebook good for advertising my Cape Cod business? A few years ago, I said the answer was no, “Facebook is not about advertising,” but now? Yes, it is, particularly now that so many people are using a mobile device to do searches while they are traveling. If you don’t have a business Facebook page, starting…

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Vulnerabilities email from A2

A list of potential WordPress vulnerabilities

You have A2, a good hosting company, one that actively tries to keep malware off of it’s servers, and you got a warning email stating “vulnerabilities detected” on your site. That email is a “heads up,” similar in some ways to the warning lights you get in your car. You’re wondering: 1. Are these “vulnerabilities”…

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Search Engines and Small Business

Even the smallest business can have a website that shows up well in search engine results. This article is for the owners of the smallest businesses, a “shorter than Cliff Notes” brief explanation of just a couple of the basics behind SEO and search engine ranking for small businesses. We’ll cover more topics in future…

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