Old Style Website Converted to WordPress

Picture of an old pink car. Like an older model car, sometimes websites have to be “traded in” for a newer model, especially if you don’t have a physical store and that website is your primary face to the world.

People have gotten more sophisticated with their use of the web, and their expectations are higher. If your site was built more than five years ago you might want to take a look at a “facelift,” or even a complete rebuild.

Behind the scenes, in the places that you and your visitors cannot see easily, software standards and practices have changed dramatically. Some of these advances are very important for performance (the speed with which your website pages show up for people) as well as search engine optimization (SEO).

Yes, the expectations and perceptions of your audience have changed. And it isn’t just that blinking lights, spinning mailboxes, and displaying every possible color in the world has gone out of fashion; visitors to the web have come to expect genuine value presented in a way that makes it easy for them to find exactly what they want in two or three clicks.

Convert your old website to WordPress

Out east here there’s a favorite old song titled “You’re Sure to Fall in Love With Old Cape Cod.” Unfortunately, the same sentiment does not apply to old Cape Cod websites.

Kevin and Judy Jamieson, owners of a very popular chef-on-call catering service on Cape Cod, had received many compliments on their original website, but they also knew the look was a bit “old.”

Here are two screenshots. On the left is the original home page. After converting the old website to WordPress the new home page (on the right) became much easier to read and scan, and images of the visitor to jump quickly to the topic of their interest. the new one on the right.

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Image: Paul Martin Eldridge / FreeDigitalPhotos.net