New Website Helps Small Business Compete

Dan Staples’ Cape Cod business, Bayside Equipment, is a neighborhood fixture. Dan, John, and the rest of the staff at Bayside have been selling and servicing outdoor power equipment like lawn mowers, blowers, chainsaws, trimmers and snow throwers on Cape Cod for 30 years. Many area landscapers go to Bayside Equipment, on Main St. in East Dennis, for fast, reliable service.

WordPress Helps the Little Guy Compete

Despite a very loyal following, Dan still has to compete with “the big box stores,” especially for customers new to this area known for high-retirement and vacation property buying. So Dan chose WordPress partly to take advantage of the highly professional look and tools, which put him on an equal footing with the big stores.

The first Bayside website was built years ago; the technology behind the site, and the look and feel, made sense for the time, but it was clear the time had come for an update.

Screenshots of the old Bayside Equipment website
Screenshots of the old site – click to enlarge
Screenshot of the new Bayside Equipment WordPress website
The new home page – click to see the site
SEO Breakthrough with WordPress Tools + Good Choices

“Search engine optimization” (SEO) refers to making the content on a website easy for search engines to “read” and “understand,” which in turn means customers will be able to find you more easily. Good SEO is a combination of intelligent site construction, regular use of SEO tools, and excellent content. WordPress makes it easy to take care of the first two of those.

The Bayside Equipment website was built using early-internet techniques (frames) – it made sense then, but that old technique was actually hurting SEO performance. Prior to the makeover, the site typically appeared in Google search results no earlier than half way down the third page of results.

Within 48 hours after going live, a search using a typical phrase – “lawn mower repair Cape Cod” – returned 94,800 hits. To find Bayside in the past you would have to go to page 3, but after the makeover Bayside Equipment was on the first page, number four, out of over 94,000.

WordPress Advantages for Small Business

Dan is excited about the new site, and plans to add content regularly, in a new feature called “From the Shop,” where he’ll post helpful tips and funny anecdotes from 30 years of business. This will help keep the site interesting, build loyalty, and increase search engine rankings. The WordPress platform, used by millions of average people every day, makes it easy for Dan to write and publish those articles himself.

Bayside Equipment, a small Cape Cod business selling and servicing lawn mowers and all kinds of other outdoor equipment, now has a website that:

  • Was low cost: a modest investment, less than what many pay for Yellow Pages ads each year (who uses those anymore?)
  • Was designed by a professional designer
  • Looks as good as any major company – and that inspires consumer confidence
  • Performs well in the search engines
  • Can added to or edited by Dan, or someone on his staff
Can a WordPress Website Help Your Small Business?

We think so, and we’ll be happy to talk with you about it, no cost, no obligation.

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