How To Ease Into Regular Use Of Your Business Facebook Page

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Too busy to waste time

You’re too busy running your Cape Cod business to waste time anywhere, right? And when you look at “typical” Facebook posts, a lot of it seems silly, and unrelated to your business.

On the other hand, you know marketing is important, and you know the competition uses social media like Facebook to their advantage (your disadvantage).

But you’ve been finding it hard to get yourself to do the Facebook postings that you need to do, to help promote your business and brand.

Three Easy Steps to Get Started With Your Facebook Page

We are all creatures of habit, so here are three simple steps to build a new Facebook habit. Making Facebook useful to you for your business really isn’t a lot of work, but if you’re not intent on making it work, don’t bother taking these three easy steps.

  1. For a week, log into your personal Facebook account once, or even better, twice, each day, preferably at the same time each day. Look around for a few minutes, then get out again. Why? This is the start of building it into your routine.
  2. The second week, log in again on the same schedule, and post something (a status) or reply to someone (a comment) at least three times during the week. Why? To demonstrate to yourself that you can get in and out quickly, including doing some kind of short entry.
  3. Do the same thing for two more weeks, but now start making note of things you could post on your business page. Use our 7 Tips for Facebook Success article as a guide.

Can you make it more complicated than this? Sure. But do you really want to? Every mountain climb is built on one small step after another; if you keep taking the small steps, you get to the top.

If you’d like more help with building new habits, check out this useful article: 18 Tricks to Make New Habits Stick.

Image: David Castillo Dominici